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Okay, I have an update. I've increased co2 to the point where I don't think I can go any further. My drop checker is yellow and fish don't move much at the end of the photo period - the time the co2 goes off.

The good news is the new growth is not stunted. Unfortunately, BBA still seems to take hold of the older leaves, they shrivel and get hard. I also noticed some BBA on my Val stems. I don't have any other algae problems.

I guess its not a calcium issue, but I'd love to nip the BBA. Any more suggestions?

*Substrate = 50% Florite sand 50% regular Florite
*Lighting 108W of a 216W T5HO Aquatic Life hood 25" from substrate 8.5 hours daily.
*Amarath Redroot, Waterhyssop, Brazilian Pennywort, Water Wisteria, Jungle Val, Moss Ball, Riccia, Nana, Java Lace, Cryptocoryne, Pigmy Chain Sword.
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