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Plywood Stretcher going to have to check for that on my next trip for supplies. Lol

Thank You I mainly used a sliding compound miter saw for all the cuts on the frame a bit time consuming to make the notches but it worked out in the end since I still have yet to get a hold of my circular saw, and here's to hoping the misses got the hint and I'll find a table saw under the tree come Christmas time that would have simplified things oh so much more.

Right now it's just screwed together I'm going to have to swap out 2 of the 2 X 4's since they are slightly warped then I'll redo all the joints with glue & screws. Right now the stand is rock solid been using it as a work bench while building the canopy still have to get the actual top for the stand the plywood that's on there now is just temporary it's not even secured just held on by gravity.

Thought about pre made doors last night while enjoying an adult beverage going to have to price them out see if it's in the budget cause right now I'm nearing the end of my allotted cash and really don't want to over reach at this point. May just skin it and leave it open for a bit till I can get some spare cash for doors. Right now the opening into the stand after skinning it will be 24" tall X 35" wide hopefully I can find something that will fit.

Well here is where I am with the canopy so far I'm not entirely happy with it as I said I'm no carpenter and my ambitions have meet with reality but I did learn a few things and what will need to be changed in order to get it to what I envisioned but for now it will do the job it was designed to do. My construction budget is nearing exhaustion so I'll have to live with it for a few months. Thankfully this is going to live in the basement so looking great is not that important, down here in the dungeon it's more about function then looks.

Still need to paint the inside and stain the outside and mount the lights that should be interesting.

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