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Originally Posted by morgan View Post
Milwaukee - highest price tool , built to last
Dewalt / Makita - again high priced and well built
Bosch - trades man / diy border line , well built

The rest imo are cheap imitations lol
With all due respect generalities in general are too general.
Porter Cable makes some darn god tools. What about in stationary tools? Laguna is a cheap imitation? Powermatic too? Delta makes some dynamite tools also. Well they did not sure since they've been sold again.

And all of the best companies have had some duds. Some of them just don't feel right in your hand. That's why the tool tests magazines do are so important when laying out a fair amount of money for a tool. All of the tools out there will work and most will last an average woodworker a long time. The tests tell you about the accuracy, ease of adjustments, bit changes, blade changes, how they feel, etc. In the compact router test Dewalt and PC stood out. Dewalt came in first because of ease of adjustment (among other things) over the other brands. One thing the PC lacked was variable speed. Dewalt had it.

And the cheap imitations have their place. Like my air stapler. I needed it for one job. Recovering some chairs. Normally would have bought P-C. But it didn't make sense. I paid $25 for it. I used it for the chairs, put up aluminum fascia and more and it's still going. Does it feel as good in my hand as my P C? Do I think it will last as long as a P C? God no. But for $25 it did more than I expected.

BTW my B&D single speed non reversing corded drill still is going. My father bought it at least 40 years ago and used the hell out of it. So did I for a while. And I am still using it with my Kreg jig.
Generally generalities in general are too general.

Nubster, Craftsman mechanic tools are great. I've rebuilt many engines with mine. But there are time with the new engines where the thickness of the metal on a Craftsman open end will prevent you from getting the nut off. Snap Ons are much thinner and stronger. Fortunately I can walk down to the neighbor and borrow his snap ons for those occasions.

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