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Originally Posted by Razorworm View Post
I have a dozen cherry shrimp in a tank and after giving them a piece of zucchini I noticed a couple of baby shrimp...I think. I never noticed any of the shrimp being berried, so I am wondering if these are not shrimp but some type of amphipod or ???? There are scuds in the tank but these guys look exactly like shrimp, in fact one of them has some red coloration. Should I get the champagne or not????
Might be a bit soon for the Shrimp if these are from our team visit to the GCCA Swap. Of course you could of had a berried up girl in your bag. Scus do tend to zip around a lot more than baby shrimp. I'd keep feeding up close to the glass so you can see them better.

Mine colored up nice, I'm happy with them.
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