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Hey fellow Michiganders,

I'm nowhere near the tech level you guys are, but I'll share my mini projects. I have two 10g snail tanks, no CO2 or fancy lighting. One of them also has a few shrimp and I've dedicated it as my planted tank project. I made driftwood out of a cherry knothole I found in a woodpile. It had a chainsaw slit on the side, so I used that to anchor a java fern so you can't even see the slit now. It turned out surprisingly well and both snails and shrimp love to get inside the "cave." Since my dwarf hairgrass was a big fail, I discovered moss is my best friend. I put some bunches into shallow plastic dishes and let it grow really thick for a few months. Then I tied the pieces to flat rocks with fishing line. I put them under my bronze crypt and it actually looks like a little carpet. The shrimp love it. There's a pic in my profile.

Rainy day... I guess we're getting all the rain this fall that we didn't get all summer.

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