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Originally Posted by Wannaberooted View Post
Well, he's back to his wiggly self today, staring at me and begging for food. I've had him four months. Yesterday I couldn't even take a close look, he would dart away to the back behind the plants, and he spent a good amount of time inside the cave. I did add the last of my Sresscoat last night, I'll have to get some more.

I suppose he could have ran into that fake rock, or into a Cory. I've never seen him that clumsy though. That would be great if that was all it was, as long as it heals. I don't really like that rock anyway, I'm thinking of getting some Anubias on driftwood from to put in it's place.

Thanks everyone for the input so far. If anyone else has any ideas, feel free to pipe up.
If the rock is sharp theres a good chance he just bumped into it, sometimes my Gourami can be clumsy and run into stuff

And if it is an abrasion make sure it doesnt get an infection or a bacterial disease, just keep doing what your doing and keep adding the stress coat, it should help, also a water change might help a bit. Never can really hurt to do a water change

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