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dude, its a 210. Personally, I would jump on this with some fancy fish like rainbows or blue eyes, depending on the size of fish that you want in this tank.

If you are wanting smaller fish, I would get a massive shoal of threadfin rainbows, but if you want some fish that are a bit heartier I would go with something like red rainbows or bosmani, though I would try to stick with just one species of rainbow if at all possible.

Since this is a 210, you could even try and get away with larger fish like altum angels or even festivums. Hell, I've actualy seen beautiful planted tanks filled with large cichlids as well. Things like severums and blood parrots and jack dempseys. I've even seen a single planted 210 being dominated by a single massive fish.

Basically, give us a direction to go with in terms of what you like and we can throw ideas at you like there's no 2morrow.

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