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Alternatives to deluxe aquascaping tools?

I did a search and found recommendations for medical/surgical tools, but I didn't see much that would work at the vet supply web site I found. I stopped by my local beauty supply shop and didn't really see anything appropriate, and those scissors are pretty expensive anyway. My parents have some premium dog grooming scissors that have the right shapes, but they obviously don't qualify as cheap. I've looked around The Site That Shall Not Be Named and have found a few sets that include stuff that I really don't want. (I don't need special rakes--I have hands, credit cards, and spatulae, and I already have forceps.)

Does anyone use grooming scissors? Are they sharp enough?

Heh, you'd think that between all my hobbies (papercraft, knitting, sewing, and regular houseplants) I'd have some awesome scissors that would work for just this thing, but alas, no.
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