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Originally Posted by Zefrik View Post
Just wondering what brand power tools you prefer. I am just now starting to work on building up a collection of power tools (and of course hand tools). I am about to make another purchase because I am going to be building a couple stands for my tank and I am not quite sure which brand to go with.
well u really need to ask what am i looking to get out of it? makitas are nice for home use but they dont do what a similar dewalt does power wise, but they make up for that in size. i have something from just about every one of those brands an every single one has its -/+. hell i still got 3 combo kits of dewalt and one very large makita.

got the makita for home use and went into construction did fine but everyone has dewalt so its nice to use batteries that are all around and the dewalts just had more power, i didnt like to say that but first hand proof was there.

so if its for home use like i think your prob going to use it 95% for then get whatever is in your price range. fyi dont go with the white makita there a step down from the normal stuff, shop around i have found some sick deals i got two of my dewalt kits for $230ish for a 4pack was on sale.

another thing to do is check the battery dates sucks having them go out and there not cheap. i normally look for them to be 6-12months old max they can/do degrade with time.

to kevmo idk if they do have "seconds" for sales or at least i dont think they do or havent heard of them doing it so far.
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