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Hi guys. Sorry I didn't say hi to new folks coming into the auction- didn't know anyone else who showed up It was fun though!!

Sadly part of the aquarium building was closed- so we didn't get to see ALL the cool fish in that last part. It was double the size. But..its not like we had time anyway right? Haha

I bought a plant book, some decapped brine shrimp (the 20L loves it, the 72g..not so much..just too small for them to be excited...even the neons were like..what? And now its everywhere on the bottom LOL, hope the cories enjoy), and a marmokreb cray who is berried. Seems like the fish were kinda mediocre in terms of interestingness, and TPTers didn't get many auctioned stuff.

And monster, perhaps! I'll be... well I'm not cosplaying, so I cant say I'll stand out. I'll be lunchng near the IGN theatre at 4 I think.
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