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Originally Posted by kelsnels92 View Post

@ bitFUUL really now? I see that they have CO2 for larger systems as well. What's the difference between the ADA & the GLA systems?
Well two things mostly;

The first is, lets say you get the 75 gram disposable cartridge CO2 system from ADA, you would probably use 1 a month, at $15 each, that is over $200 a year for CO2.

The second problem is since ADA is based in Japan, the other regulators they sell are for use with metric tanks, here in the US we use CGA threads.

However ADG sells an ADA speed regulator that comes with a custom brass metric to standard adapter that works great and can use a 5 lb or 10 lb CO2 tank that will last a long time. The bad news is that reg and adapter cost $400.

Now, I would say it is better to invest in a quality reg because well something that is pressurized and potentially dangerous is not the part of a setup you want to skimp out on.

Another option would be a GLA Atomic paintball reg, they combine a pleasing aesthetic look and top quality performance. A 24oz paintball canister only costs $3-$5 to fill up and could last up to 6 months depending on your bubble count.

You would really like that ADA M setup, I think it is a great starting point, you would need a 3L bag of Aquasoil of your choice, maybe powder Amazonia, I wouldn't waste money on the additives though. Then maybe the GLA reg for $180, a 20-24oz canister $14-30, a diffuser of your choice, glass or inline, and dry ferts, GLA has a dry ferts starter package you could pick up. Look up dry dosing its pretty easy. For a filter you could run an Eheim 2211 and if you want add a pair of lily pipes. I would ballpark a nano setup with ADA and other good equipment $500+.
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