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Originally Posted by kevmo911 View Post
I don't know the answer to this, so it's an honest question. This is a copied statement from the first section of the warranty information, for persons who are considering purchasing refurbished power tools:

What Is Not Covered
This warranty applies only to the original purchaser at retail and may not be transferred.

Does this apply to you or not?

And, even if it does, do you really want an item that s**t the bed before you even got your hands on it?

One other thing - I've heard, and read, that the power tools manufactured specifically for sale at Home Depot and Lowes, and other chain stores, are made from substandard materials. I don't know this to be fact, but if anybody else can shed light on the subject, I'd appreciate it. My wallet thanks you in advance.
The warranty applies.

It's not that they're made from substandard parts but theyare cheapened out. Motors with fewer windings, etc. That from a factory rep for PC.

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