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Beginning my first planted tank

Hi there, I'm a veteran reef keeper and had a friend tell me that keeping a planted nano tank is harder than a nano reef. I'm not one to judge, so I've decided to start one! After seeing some of the photos here I must say... Wow. The simplistic approach and naturalistic beauty of some of these tanks has me hooked. Only one problem; I don't know the first thing about freshwater planted tanks lol!

So, thought I'd share my trials here, seems like a great community and from what I've read so far, very helpful.

Couple things, Bear with me on updates and spelling... Everything's done via my phone. Second, I'm very knowledgable with the marine side of things, especially corals and marine diseases... It's my job actually . And lastly, please if you see me doing something that's bad... Speak up! I can use all the help I can get.

Today at the aquarium shop I work at I purchased a few things willy nilly, more impulse buys. I'm still deciding on what size aquarium to build. Yes, I'm building one. I have years of experience with aquarium construction and do have access to super cheap starfire glass. I'd like something no bigger than 5 gallons volume though. At the shop I picked up a few CO2 kits and spare parts. So, to start I grabbed this guy. Name:  ImageUploadedByTapatalk1350097092.814173.jpg
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It was the only system like this in the shop. Of course I waited to get home to open it... And this is what I find... What's missing here lol Name:  ImageUploadedByTapatalk1350097160.595836.jpg
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Also in my ignorance and excitement I grabbed these thinking I could use them... Name:  ImageUploadedByTapatalk1350097344.157407.jpg
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Well I realized that the batch of "spares" is for a different sized unit than the other starter kit I got. And after talking to the store owner he basically told me tough... So now I have no regulator. No refund either since it was opened... I'm hoping I can get something to work on one of the sizes of co2 canisters I have.

As for filtration I'm leaning towards a canister filter. I want to keep the in tank clutter to a minimum... I'm still researching viable units though, same as substrates... Very limited to what I can get locally so the webs going to be my shopping grounds.

Anyways, this post is long winded enough. I'm hoping to decide on dimensions tomorrow and post up some sketch-up plans soon!
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