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Yeah, Blink it's one of the perks of working in a research lab--I have an office but spend less then 10% of my time actually sitting at a desk working on the computer. On the downside is that it's 2100h on friday night, and I'm at the lab posting on aquarium forums and waiting for my experiment to finish.

Week 4, time for another update. I should preface this post by saying that I've processed this week's photos on my work laptop, which has a really weird screen. I'm basically guessing on white balance etc. If the colors look to terrible when I see it from a decent monitor I'll change them when I get home.

Edit: Yep, the images look every bit as bad as I feared. I've updated them.

Here's the basic full tank shot from before tonight's WC:

I'm really happy with how things are growing in, especially the fissidens on some of the stones:

A less welcome addition is some green spot algae, which has spread a bit from last week and has now colonized the larger stones as well.

It's welcome to all the stones and driftwood it can eat, but I'm hoping to stop the spread before it reaches the glass in a serious way.

From my reading, it seems that my best route of attack is 3-fold:

1: Increase CO2
2: Increase dosing of P
3: Shorten day length

I've started #1, and started thinking about #3 but that's as far as I've gotten. If anyone has more experience with this algae, I'd appreciate hearing your suggestions.

While I was doing the weekly water change, I thought it was about time for a heavy trimming of the stems and HC. Here's the damage. Please excuse the residual HC crumbs and scared fish from the water change:

And another FTS:

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