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Originally Posted by ryu1 View Post
I have been using ehiem ecco and fluval canisters and love those just not the price. I was also very skeptical about the price/performance of this cheap filter, but I bought it anyway as I need a second filter along with my ecco 2234 for my new 40B tank and bought a box of fluval bio rings and mix with some of my extra eheim bio media. I didn't want to risk for any leaks, so I tested the filter with a bucket of water in the bath tub overnight, no leaks and virtually silent. Very happy for a well spent $50 dollars, great flow as well. The only problem I have is I can't really get the skimmer to work, it doesn't seem to suck any water down the tube, but I replaced it with one that I have laying around and it works perfectly. Can someone show me how you get the skimmer (Photo or video the better) to work as I tried everything I can? Other than that, this filter is perfect so far even if it only lasts me for 1 year as I don't like to clean filter anyway. Thank OP for posting it because I would never buy if I see it on *bay.
The point of this thread is to discuss the pros and cons of this filter. The skimmer has been discussed, ad nauseam. The gist of it is that it's crap.
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