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In the course of my life I've seen a lot of things that are inexplicable according to mainstream western science.

And had other people witness the same things.

One example, I was called by a client to clear energy in her house, bc she suddenly started getting headaches every time she walked through a particular spot in the kitchen.

I did various techniques, and told her " this energy has been here the entire time IOU have owned the house, but you are only perceiving it now bc your own vibrational frequency shifted due to your recent birthday. Someone was shot in the head in this room, and you turned the same age as they were when they died."

After the session I did on her kitchen, she never had that kind of headache again. She Got curious and asked her neighbors about the previous owners of the house (she was the 4th owner) and it turns out that a set of renters about 6 years prior had had a crystal meth lab, and during a raid they began a firefight with the police. One person died due to a bullet through the head.
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