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Originally Posted by FORREST3320 View Post
I just want to make sure i am understanding this correctly with this safe-t-absorb that is all you need for plants no root tabs or anything? Or are people useing this as a cap for dirt?

You can do either; use it as a cap or as a substrate by itself. Tylt33 is correct, it contains minimal nutrients but is a excellent inert substrate with a high CEC.

Below is a picture of my 10 gallon with Safe-T-Sorb that I planted about 5 weeks prior to the picture being taken. It has two 10 watt 'daylight' cfl bulbs and I fertilize with Seachem Flourish Comprehensive and Seachem Excel for extra carbon molecules...nothing else is added. I am doing an experiment with the tank, I grew all the plants pictured emersed and moved directly into the tank; no CO2. Nothing 'melted' (including the crypt), nothing died.

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