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I believe in spirits and ghosts. The show is great but I think some times they try to hard to make things seem paranormal with all their gizmos and what not.

You have to have had an experience to truly understand it and the one that always sticks out in my head is one from a hunting trip. My wife's family has a house in a small town that her great grandfather built. It was built from from the leftover wood from and old hotel that stood where the house is today. Last year about this time (Oct-Nov) I went and stayed one weekend there in the house by myself so I could get some bow hunting in while I could. This house is really old and not very well insulated and you can hear everything that is going on outside on the square no problem. This house makes you feel as though someone is always watching you, but in a kinda calming reassuring way. I just remember going to the bathroom before going to bed and noticing a cricket hopping around in the bathroom and didn't think anything of it and just went to bed.(I didn't squish it or take it outside I was just letting it be) I wake up in the middle of the night with this weird feeling so I decide to go to the bathroom and look down and the cricket is now smashed on the floor. I got the weirdest chills from it and still cant come up with an explanation.

Sorry for the long post

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