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Originally Posted by BruceF View Post
Oh so he's a drinker! Is that a local moss?
Yeah those are local mosses and plants that I have been collecting. He seems to enjoy hanging out on the little log. He will go and inspect the plants and mosses but he won't eat them. He will drink the drops on the moss and he likes to look at the water dripping back into the water portion of this tank.

I have put some desert plants in his terrarium before and he has mowed right through them but he doesn't seem to be interested in these.

He is getting big now and I am thinking of moving him up to a much larger tank, like a 55 or a 75. I was thinking of doing a valley with plants on the rock/cliffs on either side.

Originally Posted by Steveboos View Post
That makes a lot more sense! Seems to be a nice colored BD, maybe a citrus?
Yeah he is coloring up with each molt. Definitely some sort of orange color morph, I got him off craigslist a couple months ago so I don't know much about the genes.
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