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Whelp, I've been bad about taking photos and updating. Life has been busy - the local colleges are back in full swing and someone has to wear a green spandex body suit at all the frat parties.....

Anyways.... Day 42 Update:

A lot has happened since I last posted, I'll try to remember & keep track of it all. I've moved some plants, removed some and added some others - the largest Anubias, originally planted behind the wood, is now gone and has been replaced with a mixture of Bacopa, Creeping Jenny & Limnophila Aromatica. I've done a mixed planted of these three that sort of wraps around the wood on the left side of the tank (Anubias planted on the wood are still there) and adds a lot of height/texture/color to the mix.

A few weeks ago I added a second male Fancy Guppy, an individual who was entirely head-to-tail black and looked incredible. Unfortunately, this past Monday (10/8/2012) I lost two fish - I awoke to find the Bumblebee Goby dried up & dead on the floor, and came home later to find the black guppy in the same position. I'm not sure why they decided on a suicide pact but they passed on as heroes and were given Viking burials (AKA I made rafts for them out of paper & cardboard, put them in the toilet, sang an Estonian drinking song, took a shot of vodka, set them on fire & flushed). They will be missed. I'm now down to a single guppy and three Oto's and am considering getting a single Blue Ram. The LFS has a couple that look healthy enough but aren't very colorful so I'm planning to search around before buying one.

In other news the tank is fully cycled - I don't test nearly as often as I should, but did so every day this week after the jumpers (it freaked me out but after several days of observation I believe it was all a horrible coincidence) and found no testable quantities of ammonia/nitrate/nitrite. I'm still doing regular WC's every 2-3 days seeing as it keeps me occupied and the tank seems to enjoy it.

I'll try to post updated pictures soon, but probably won't get to it until next week - I'm hosting our annual "Hogtoberfest" pig roast tonight/tomorrow and will be awake for about 24 straight roasting a 79lb pig on a spit in my yard. Good times! Anywho, thanks for reading and I hope everyone has a great weekend!

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