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Originally Posted by aokashi View Post

Do you still need shrimp skin? My amano just shed his shell... it's pretty big

I've thrown it in a container of rubbing alcohol. :P just incase you want it
YES!!! Please I just pulled a molt out of my tank too but it's tiny. Rubbing Alcohol is a good idea? I wondered how to preserve it. Thanks for the brightening, lol. I'll get better pics today, haha.

And furnfins: that's AWESOME!!!!!!!! That makes me so happy. I do just want to say that if you have mutliple tank syndrome, this is a GOOD way to get it out of your system, lol.

The other Kindergarten classroom has already asked me to build their tank. They have an empty 10gallon, and the teacher plans to ask the parents for funds since I used all the supplies for this tank.

Cokers: so much for the educator being educated. >.< You should go back and tell her a thing or two.

Monster Fish: It's 13" high. I couldn't fit ptr's big sword nor one of MeowKitty's big sag.subulatas, lol.

I was at Ridgewood Aquarium yesterday, the ADA store in NJ, and the owner was so nice. I only bought a timer for this tank, but I walked out with algae samples :p , a magazine for the kids to peruse, and an ADA book. And talking to him, we learned that he and his co-owner both grew up in Ridgewood, so they're giving back to their community. I love those kinds of people. They also had a picture another Kindergarten class, to whom they'd donated a betta. I love it!

And I started a tank journal for the kids, so they can track progression over the year:
(link removed)
I'll be removing this link after a few days, but you can still PM me for it if interested. This thread gets the more candid updates tho.

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