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Brown algae growing slowly on rocks and leaves

I'm VERY new to the world of freshwater tanks and I was hoping for some helpful advice. I purchased a 3 gallon tank about 4 months ago and I love it so much, that I'm considering upgrading it to a 10 gallon. But before I do, I wanted to get the basics down and be able to troubleshoot if a problem arises. I've recently purchased a 'vacuum siphon' (?) that helps keep the rocks clean. The first time I used it I was amazed! Why hadn't I bought this earlier?! And I also recently purchased the magnet cleaner that stays on each side of the acrilyc to 'wipe' away the gunk.

I have, I think, too many fish in my tank. I have; 1 beta, 3 neon tetras, 1 marimo moss ball, 1 upside down catfish, 1 albino Cory and a plecostomus. Th plants are live and before I added the plecostomus (2 days ago) it seemed as if my tank were being taken over by brown algae. It is on the rocks, leaves and acrilyc. It comes off of the leaves and acrilyc when I wipe it away but I thought the Cory, catfish & plecostomus would clean up the gunk. The catfish stays on the filter in the tank and never moves from that spot (why?), the plecostomus stays against the acrilyc and the Cory cleans a bit.

My question is...1. Do I have too many fish in my tank. 2. Aren't these fish supposed to help it stay clean? 3. Should I be using some sort of fish 'chrmicals' in my tank besides Aquasafe?

Any help is greatly appreciated as I am willing to learn and I can't wait to get the bigger tank so I can learn and perfect the art of aquascaping.
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