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Getting out of the hobby.. Moving.. This time it is for real lol..
for sale...

20 gallon long tank, with glass hood, light strip, light
- 2 X Aquaclear 30 filters.. 1 makes a little noise, nothing too bad. prob needs to be cleaned.
2 X Aquaclear 70s used
- Air pump. (tetra or whisper I belivee) 1 pump rated for 40 gallon, another for 55.
- Fluval Heater
- 2 X Red Sea co2 bio system ...suction cups on 1 dont work. so switch them,
1 Battery operated air pump. "silent air b11" great for power outages.. BRAND NEW Penn Plex.
38 gallon tank (80 % sure it holds water)
Large "PYTHON" siphon for water changes.
- 2-3 smaller siphons as well

some Prime
API freshwater test kit, (used)
API GH and KH test kit..(was getting into CRS)

Plants.. Have been growing A LOT since I took the picture.. Look great.
-3 Anubias Nana, all attached to small rocks around 9 leaves each)
- 1 Anubias (also attached to rock)
- 6-10 nice size Java Ferns, all attached to seperate rocks like Anubias (Lots of new growth on all of them
- 10-20 Dwarf Sag. for foreground
- 6 rocks with Java Moss attached...4 LUSH Ones, the size of 2 softballs.

2 Male Endlers....5 Female endlers. 7-10 small unsexed endlers
2 Otos
around 15-20 Red Cherry Shrmp
1 Crystal Red Shrimp SS
SOME Green Babaulti shrimp. (Heavily planted, hard to find them)

Kens fish food.
FLAKES: Earthworm
Super tropical
Brine Shrimp
Sinking sticks
Veggie w/ calcium
1-2 others
ALL FOOD IS LABELED.. and placed in a zip lock bag. very fresh, and lots
of it.

1 medium piece that has been soaked, and there are no more tannins, was in tank for a while. very cool looking,
That is a pic of it from some months back....
Would love for someone to pick up everything

looking for a good home, and some cash.
$100 for everything.
Makes a heck of a Holiday present for someone,
or for yourself : ) (I still have the fish keeper mentality.)
PM me with any questions, this should not last long.
Pick up...
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