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Originally Posted by if_fishes_were_wishes View Post
I've had some strange things happen that I can't explain. Once, I stayed over at a friend's house and was sleeping alone while my friends slept upstairs. I kept feeling little footsteps on the bed, going up by my side. I'd open my eyes and see nothing. Closed my eyes and felt it again. And again. And again. Eventually, I said, forget this, and ran upstairs where my friends were. It was like a cat or something and my friend didn't own a cat. It's just something you don't make up and there's just no explanation. This was a long time ago, but I'll never forget it!

Another time, I was at an ex-boyfriend's house and I looked up the stairs and saw a bubble, a small soap bubble, floating down the stairs. Now, that's just weird and random! Just going down the stairs!

Now, I'm a biologist. I try to reason things out, but with these things, I just can't.

And, one night, with some friends who saw the same thing, we all looked up at the sky - stars were out...then we saw a smoke trail form in the shape of a perfect square. In the sky. We just looked at each other like what the heck was that???? I don't drink or do drugs! Shoot, that'd be an easier explanation!

I spent the night at my grandpa's house, he's in his 90's and I was keeping him company after my grandma died (gosh, I miss her). I slept in the room where she passed away, and I was scared. I actually wanted a sign from her since I didn't get to say goodbye, but nothing there is a room in the house that is always cold, freezing, even in the summer!

maybe nothing happens when you're looking for it. Same with my fiance's dad...he passed away in a room down from where we spent the night, but nothing, no sign...
good story and sorry that you couldn't say goodbye to your grandma
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