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First, I could do without your personal attacks and rude assumptions.

The stuff I sell contains the same ingredients. Why would I knock it? It works. But not so abruptly.

There's not a reason for personal attacks. That's beyond silly and offensive. I expect to be treated with the same respect that I give others, particularly because there are minors on this forum who deserve to read respectful discussions. So thanks for the personal attack, there.

But back to my point - presence of a particular supplement or lack thereof isn't so abruptly going to alter appearances.

I welcome your study specifics, so please share your documentation.

Originally Posted by hedge_fund View Post
You should re-read my original post as well, I did not say that shrimp turn into some super color overnight. I pretty much said that shrimp look good but just "not as good" as if I were feeding them stout.

You also have a vested interest to knock down any other food out there since you sell your homemade stuff.

I'm not looking to argue here....just posting my review as the original thread was intended, hence the subject.
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