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For the second time, I'm not trying to pick a fight. But goodness.

Re-read what I said before twisting my words. I'll past them here for you: "My point is that changes don't occur so abruptly no matter what we think. This doesn't mean conditions, parameters and such don't contribute to day-to-day appearance. But not feeding a specific food for a week doesn't alter the exoskeleton and body of a shrimp so much that it's that noticeable."

I didn't say a quick color change isn't possible. I said the exact opposite. It's in there - the bit about conditions, parameters and such contributing to day-to-day appearance. Calm down.

Never said foods cannot change shrimp color. I said, again, changes don't occur so abruptly no matter what we think.

It's fair to really like a product and promote it. It's silly to get bent out of shape.

But go ahead. Please share your scientific research about how Stout changes your shrimp drastically over night. (Yes, I'm being facetious)

Head - desk.

Originally Posted by hedge_fund View Post
Stop feeding your shrimp for a week and see how quickly they change color due to stress. Same applies when shrimp are shipped for 2-3 days...they literally come out clear and lifeless when you take them out of the bag. Feed them anything and they quickly regain color over 2 days. So yes, a quick color change in shrimp is possible.

Saying that a food cannot change a shrimp's color is absolutely wrong. One of the ingredients in stout is Astaxanthin which increases the color of my fish overnight when I feed a pure form of it (the red powder). During my test all my parameters stayed the same except that I took Stout away. The color loss was definitely noticeable. Then I started to feed it again and the shells had a nice luster and deep color to them. I have no interest vested in BorneoWild so whether I praise them or not, I get nothing for it.

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