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Originally Posted by somewhatshocked View Post
Not trying to pick a fight. My point is that changes don't occur so abruptly no matter what we think. This doesn't mean conditions, parameters and such don't contribute to day-to-day appearance. But not feeding a specific food for a week doesn't alter the exoskeleton and body of a shrimp so much that it's that noticeable.

Feel free to share your log and specifics, though.
Stop feeding your shrimp for a week and see how quickly they change color due to stress. Same applies when shrimp are shipped for 2-3 days...they literally come out clear and lifeless when you take them out of the bag. Feed them anything and they quickly regain color over 2 days. So yes, a quick color change in shrimp is possible.

Saying that a food cannot change a shrimp's color is absolutely wrong. One of the ingredients in stout is Astaxanthin which increases the color of my fish overnight when I feed a pure form of it (the red powder). During my test all my parameters stayed the same except that I took Stout away. The color loss was definitely noticeable. Then I started to feed it again and the shells had a nice luster and deep color to them. I have no interest vested in BorneoWild so whether I praise them or not, I get nothing for it.

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