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Got the evil eye from my wife the day I set this up so it was banished to work where I already had 2 tanks. So I took my Guppy/Otto tank and pulled the female guppies to take home to the boys. Pulled most of the plants and mopani wood as well and put in some seiryu stone and left some crypts and hair grass. It's now my CRS tank and they look great on the Eco complete substrate!

But I digress...this is what you all want to see

Staurogyne repens up top surrounded by glosso till the bottom of the hill fading into HC for the rest of the bottom. One anubias nana in the pocket and Taiwan moss tucked all over the wood. Thanks to Colorful for those plants

Came home today to find my other shipment of plants from EdwardN. Ordered some anubias nana petite to attach to the wood and got that and then some!

Very awesome community I've stumbled on for sure. I'll post some cooler shots at work tomorrow when I have more time. Came in to work at 6am to break down and condense my tanks and trim and clean up the plants. Left work an hour late and then came back for another hour to get the 12 long setup. I'm ready to drop but my workspace looks amazing!
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