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Ghost Adventures

do we have any Ghost Adventures fans here? i love that show.
do you believe in ghosts? i personally have some ghost stories that happened in my life, which i will share later on, but i would like to hear if you have any ghost stories.

i am 26 year old now, i would like to share my ghost stories.

story #1

i lived in India for 13 years before moving to USA, every night we could all hear which sound like someone is on the roof walking around, you can hear it very clear from the inside the house. keep in mind that in India our homes are made out of tiles, metal, cement and same for roof, there is no such thing as attic in this house, so we cannot say animals are hiding in attic and causing the sounds. the walking sound will occur every night and every time we went upstairs to see it, nothing there, we have easy access to roof.

Story #2

i never seen anything ghostly in that house, but some of my family member have experienced it. once my cousin came to visit us, it was after midnight, she was sleeping in her bed, she was awaken by someone kicking on her bed, when she woke up she saw a face floating in front of her eyes, she said it was very scary looking and was not a human face. we had to call the priest the next day for help.

story #3

this is in the USA, during my high school time, age 19. me and my friend decided to go to ghost town, no one lives in this town, as we exit off the freeway to go to the town, we drove for another 3-5 miles and we all see this lady on the right side of the road, looking down at the ground and walking toward the freeway, as we drove pass by her we all got chilled. it was dark so we couldnt see her clear enough. we finally got to the town, there is a cemetary in that town, we decided to go there first, it was 1 AM in the morning and we kept on walking around in the cemetary, i did not see anything or felt anything there, beside one of my friend, his arm started to get cold and strated to hurt, it was hot summer night and his arm was freezing cold, we decided to leave and next we saw a broken house in the town, it was 90% broken down, we saw a tv as we drove by and the tv was on, there are no lights, no sign of electricity but TV was on in this broken house, we were like WTF. we decided to leave after this.

Story #4

this is recent one, just happened couple weeks ago, i came home from work, my dad was sleeping in his room, he was the only person who was at home at that time. i came home, opened the door and went straight upstair to the bathroom (door wasnt closed) and i was just looking at myself in the mirror and suddenly hear heavy footsteps of someone running in the kitchen, which is only 5 feet away from the bathroom, i rushed to see what ever it was, but nothing, i could hear the last 3-4 footsteps going away from me before it was completly gone. i swear i was not tired or sleepy, imagning or on drugs.
my brother go to work around 2pm and i come from work around 3PM, once he asked me if i was walking around in the house, his room is in the basement and he could hear if someone is walking on the stairs, he thought it was me who was home eariler that day, but i was still at work.


i have more stories but i am going to sleep now, gotta go to work early. but i swear all these stories are real and not made up.

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