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The Importance of CO2 in a Planted Tank

Hey Planted Tankers,

So I thought I would start a thread concerning the significance of CO2 in a planted tank and my experience thus far as I am relatively new to this hobby.

When I first began my planted tank, i decided to dose Flourish and Flourish Excel, a fertilizer and a bio-available source of CO2. My plants did grow a bit better but it was still a very slow growth. I decided that I wanted to use real CO2 via a DIY method. I argued that although it may be less effective than a more elaborate CO2 setup, for now it was a cheaper alternative to introducing actual CO2. It cost me ~$30 for a few months supply of CO2 this way and in just a few days, already i can tell my plants are significantly better. I notice the color is stronger, the roots are growing insanely fast, the overall growth rate has increased, and my favorite was the pearling on some plants that I never had seen with Excel.

I feel that everyone who runs a planted tank and who is contemplating to run CO2 or not should think about investing ~$25 into a tube and nano diffuser of some sort and then $5 for the sugar and yeast. Real CO2 is far superior to organic Carbon imo. And DIY is cheap so if you don't like it, you can always just jettison that stuff.
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