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Gassed my entire tank!

Hey guys, so I gassed my entire tank this morning! Never thought it would happen to me but here we are. Not everything was lost however as I got there in time to save the rest but I lost a couple fish and shrimp.

As soon as I woke up this morning I knew I had forgotten to turn off the co2. Forgetting to even put on my glasses, I ran to my tank and saw a faint blur of fish thrashing on top. I turned off the co2 then ran back to my bedroom to put on my glasses. When I got back to the tank I saw that the faint blur was my pseudomugil furcata thrashing around on top, I have not seen a fish thrash like that except when I had to cull a fish using a carbonated water method I read about online. I looked around and saw the female furcata thrashing around as well, a boesemani rainbow was lying sideways on the surface, my gertrudaes were huddled in a group gasping for air, and I saw an oto cat swimming around upside down on a bed of hairgrass. My zebra danio however was totally fine just going around his day, probably wondering why everybody else was acting so weird.

I looked down and saw a graveyard of shrimp but also a few that still looked alive but not moving. My only tiger shrimp I had left was dead, as well as a few "mystery shrimp" (the term I gave to a birth of shrimplets which I have been unable to identify, I thought they were tiger shrimp originally but no stripes have come in after a month and I am now thinking they might be a wild colouration of neos.) I found a snail that had crawled out that dropped him back into the tank, hoping he had not dried up yet. I then immediately started netting the fish out and transferring them to my other tank nearby, they showed immediate improvement and stopped thrashing around.

I raised the filter outtake to get some air into the water then took out 30 percent of the water for a change. I took out another 30 after that and replaced it again, and finally took out another 30 at the end to give the filter outflow some room to fall. I took a few amanos that were very still and transferred them to the other tank as well. By now there was not much more I could do so I started watching the fish in the new tank, which seemed to be floating very still on the surface. Now about an hour later they are still floating on top, but I think they are going to be okay. The amanos I took out are also all alive now but still acting abnormal. In the gassed tank I looked around and counted around 8 shrimp dead in total. One oto cat also died, and many are still very still. I am lucky I got there in time however and did not lose everything like many people have. I will definitely be paying more attention to turning my co2 on and off now after this incident!

Anyways I just wanted to write this as a reminder for everyone to be careful with their co2. Going up to a tank and seeing your fish and shrimp all dead and dying is a horrible sight and I hope nobody else has to go through this!
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