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Rocks Needed for the AGA Conference Workshop

Iím looking for people that are coming to the AGA Conference, November 1st thru 4th especially those that are driving to see if they canít bring a few rocks for the nanotank workshop. We have 20 tanks so trying to get enough interesting and different looking rocks for this event. The Fluval nanotanks are only 7.9 gallon, 11.8Ē x 11.8Ē x 13.75Ē high so we donít need a lot of rocks per tank and they donít need to be that big. Here in Missouri we have one of the oldest mountain ranges in the United States, which means we have the St. Francis mountains (foothills). Any volcanic rocks have been worn smooth and all we really have is granite, rhyolite and good old limestone, which isnít so go for planted tanks. What Iím especially looking for are some of those interesting type rocks that work so well in planted tanks. Many are made out of what my professor friend who specializes in volcanic geology calls ďVesicular aa BasaltĒ. He tells me flat out that they just donít exist in Missouri. I have some Karen Randall photos below to give you an idea of what Iím talking about. If you think you can bring some of these let me know, my email address is: gwlange (at)sbcglobal(dot)net Even if youíre flying in and have access to a few interesting rocks perhaps you could bring a tankís worth or two. Just donít go over that 50 pound limit for a checked bag or they will be charging extra. The weather is still pretty nice over most of the states so you could use this as an excuse to get out, enjoy the fall weather and do some good for your Aquatic Gardnerís Association. If you need an enticement to carry rocks to the convention and can handle raising rainbowfish eggs I might be able to come up with something for you
Gary Lange

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