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You can talk all you want about which is the "best". If you don't have the skills, knowledge and patience it won't matter a hill of beans.

Pretty much all of the tools made by the major manufacturers will do a decent job. the same tool in the hands of a decent woodworker will of course turn out a better product than in the hands of a rank amateur. Of course that has nothing to do with the tool. Same holds true in just about every field.

My reasoning for P-C? Simple. When something wears out or breaks, and it will eventually, I can always get replacement parts. Take my 690. Not made in the same way anymore but parts are still available. My Dewalt RAS? Parts are available from Wolfe Manufacturing even though the saw hasn't been available since the early 80's. That stapler I got from Harbor Freight? It's a throw away.
Makita, Hitachi, Bosch? More than likely parts will be around for a while. Read the reviews though. See what the good, and the bad, points are before you sink money into tools. Wish I'd have done that on my table saw. I do love my 12" Delta miter saw though.

Again, as I said previously, buy good blades and bits. A good tool without good bits is frustrating at the least.

Craftsman routers are fine. But they do have a bit more run out than other brands and given the same skill level and bit quality will be a rougher cut than some other brands. It makes it a bit more difficult to get a good match on cope and stick joints. For a groove and stub tenon no discernible difference.

Sake, working with tools in building a house is a bit different than wood working. I've done both. Construction is "brute strength". Wood working is finesse. Or like Boone's farm to Dom Perignon.

C gwinner, The Binford 7240 series puts the 6100 to shame.

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