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My RES tank:

It's a 75 gallon aquarium on the bottom. Marineland Magnum 350 canister filter.

The above-tank-basking-area (ATBA) I made from wood, and covered in stick-on vinyl tiles that sort of look like rocks. On the right side, there is a platform sitting approx. 3" above the water surface. Under this, I installed under-cabinet fluorescent lighting to illuminate the side of the tank that would otherwise be shadowed by the ATBA. I have a 1'x1' ceramic tile sitting on the platform.

A dome lamp (used to use this for keeping baby chicks warm out of the incubator!) heats the ceramic tile, and a UVB bulb in a clip-lamp shines on the same spot.

The ramp is a piece of plexiglass attached with hinges to the platform. I siliconed vinyl cabinet/drawer liner to the ramp for added traction. The vines are plastic and from the dollar store.

The two windows are pieces of glass glued into slots I made in the wood.

In hindsight, I should have only made the ATBA the width of the basking area and NOT the whole tank. As it is now, it's just slightly too wide for me to grab it and take it off myself for cleaning the tank. Not to mention it weighs about 40 lbs, which is difficult to carry alone at such an awkward angle!

I also need to come up with a better way of managing the ramp's support. Right now it's just a piece of nylon rope attached to the lighting brace on the top which looks pretty ugly. I'd love to just cut it in half, but I don't think I can because of how much damn glue I used in the glass/wood joints. But it would be nice to be able to clean the tank without pulling off the whole ATBA!
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