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Thanks for your thoughtful reply, I hope it's ok if I ask you a few questions in response to yours

Originally Posted by fusiongt View Post
The only thing I'd suggest is getting some more hungry plants in there - the ones you have are a bit slower so if there's some stemmed background plants you were going to add later, I'd just add them now.
I was doing Wysteria in the tank for forever and a day, however since that is more of a "low light" plant what suggestions would you have on me getting at the LFS or looking for to fill up the background?

Originally Posted by fusiongt View Post
You also seem to be high tech with low tech substrate... not something I'd recommend. Do yourself a favor early and consider getting some better substrate that has nutrients in it like ada aquasoil, flourite, eco-complete, or akadama (there's a lot more taiwan/japanese brands out there that I'm sure are great but I haven't tried them). If you're on a budget, the price of the substrate can be daunting but it's worth it in the long run. Also I'm not sure how deep your substrate is right now, but it looks shallow and you may want to make it deeper if you're going to have large stemmed plants in there. I feel like decorative gravel could look alright but it's just not a great place to house plants and you've gone to the trouble of adding c02 so you'll want a beautiful carpet of some type of plant and some stemmed background plants I imagine (otherwise ditch the c02 and go low tech).
This was on my to-do list just more in the future. The Substrate currently is about 1/2" above the black plastic on the tank. I don't want to push my luck but will changing the substrate along with my filter (which I replaced already) cause my tank to go into major cycle mode? I currently have livestock (fish) that I really wouldn't want to endanger. How quickly should I add the new substrate, will it be alright now with the mulm and the ferts that I am adding (man I still gotta find that info to post) how soon should I switch it? Can I have a hybrid of two different substrates using the current as a base, removing some and covering it up with more?

(wow I guess that was more than a few questions)
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