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Aw, thanks everyone!

furnfins: I'm so tempted, but will turn down your offer... I love vegetarians. And thanks for thinking of me with the bba! HA! I will bring the repashy!

aokashi: you know, I mashed it in my head for days and couldn't come up with a good way to explain a single-celled organism with free flowing dna to a 5-yr-old. So instead, I showed my daughter a video and she called them little animals... XD I'm going to ask the teacher to play this video on day of.

chibikaie: I can always send my daughter to your place, she can give you tips, you can put her to work. LOL! She was so excited and teaching all her classmates...she's a Virgo, ykno? And thanks, that's how I feel about it too.

msjinkzd: it really couldn't have been done without you. Those slopes and this level of fun wouldn't exist but for your generosity <3 Thank you so much. From the classroom's teachers too. They were stunned when I told them about how generous the local aquarists have been. This is a community built tank!

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