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Thans for the advice, it does have some roots above the sand. Anubias is just a placehoder for a bigger plant once I decide what I want. Can you suggest any medium stem plants that would fill the empty space on the left without huge light/co2 requirements?

I'm not worried about algae, the tank has been running for 8 weeks with swordtails that produced a lot of waste and no sign of algae yet. I will hoever admit that it requires a bit of maintenance. That isn't too bad, 5-10 minutes every few days keeps me away from setting up new tanks for now (already have 4).
Also I have 5 red cherries in there and plan on adding a few snails (suggestions). I'm not a big fan of corys and plecos will not fit to that tank very well. It's too bright and would need some hiding places. Thanks for the suggestion.
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