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My DIY Stand Build (56k warning lots of pics)

This is a brief Photo Journey of how I choose to build my Stand for my 55g tank. Some may wonder why I choose the dimensions I did all will be explained over the course of this rambling post.

Ok first off I built my stand at 40" to the top most sheet of plywood now with a standard 55g that puts the top of the tank at 5' approx. off the floor did this for two reasons 1. at 6'2" I can still reach in and touch the bottom of the tank with little trouble. 2. I wanted to see the tank from a seated position (bar stools) and not feel like I'm looking down into the tank. and 3 my toddler can't reach the glass to bang on it . Eventually I plan to build a custom tank from acrylic that matches the dimensions of the stand but they may be 2 - 3 years down the road, but figured why build 2 stands when I have the materials on hand to build one big enough now.

Any way the stand dimensions are 40" tall 48" wide 24" deep it's B I G. Corner posts are 3 X 3 with 2 X 4 cross members. Plenty of room underneath for a sump or just another tank or two. I'm currently still in the build process but the base frame is pretty much done still need a few more strings for the bottom shelf but other then that the base frame is done. Now on to the pics.

In the Above pic I have all the wood laid out after making all of my cuts. Skipped taking pics through most of the actual build process the curse of working alone, but did take some shots of the joints.

And Below we have the completed base frame.

Total cost so far about 10$ for a box of 2 1/2" screws all the wood was reclaimed or left over from another previous project.
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