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Surprise! Baby fish!!

Spent some time looking at the Cherry shrimp in my 40 Display tank. Mostly bring to see if any of the girls were berried. I noted something small moving fast. Way to soon to be a Juvie shrimp as I just added the young adult Cherries two weeks ago. Them I see it again a baby CHERRY BARB!

I had my colony of Cherry Barbs outside all summer in my Whiskey Barrel pond. I brought 2 - Trios into this tank. When they came in both females were gravid with eggs. I had no plans for them. We plan by Darwin rules in that tank.

I figure that between the adult Cherry Barbs, Neon Blue Goby, SAE, Amano Shrimp, Cherry Shrimp, MTS & Ramshorn emails no egg would survive to become a fry let alone a baby fish.

I have a patch of about 45 C. Becketti in between two pc of driftwood. Among the leaf stems a lot of Taiwan Moss has collected and started to get rather thick. I'm guessing it was a great place for an errant egg(S) to develop away from a lot of hungry mouths.

This hobby never stops amazing me .
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