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Haha, yeah, she's doing great so far. These little shrimp are fun to watch.

Only problem I'm having with the spec tank is the fuzzy white growth on my frogbit and tank walls above the water, maybe some kind of mold from the shrimp stratum or the lace rock? Any tips on getting rid of it? I've just let it be, but it is getting a bit out of hand. I'll try to snap some pics of it soon to help identify. The java moss in the spec is growing like crazy now, the shrimp love their little java moss jungle.

As for the snail, it's a love/hate. It started out quite small, but it has tripled in size in about a month time. Quickly becoming too large for the 2g, and my snail in the 10g was murdered by the betta or corydoras. In terms of eating the plants, At the rate of growth in this tank, it just helps keep my trimming maintenance down. I keep it fed decent and it doesn't disturb my plants too much. It does make a funnel with its foot but I think it's just eating the bio film from the surface of the water or something, occasionally I'll see it munching on a smaller portion of frogbit, but I figure it'd do the same in nature given a chance. The other day I saw it with a string of the java moss in its mouth like a strand of spaghetti. It was just munching away, lol. As long as I feed it well, it doesn't cause too much chaos.

Update on the 10g my otocinclus (2 of 2, the first died shortly after I got it), became very skinny overnight and passed away a day later. I think of just old age, it was doing quite well for the longest time and had actually for once become active and not so skiddish when viewing the tank. The corydoras are still breeding almost weekly, but either they or the betta eat the eggs before I can even get to them now. Aside from that, almost all my beautiful frogbit decided to melt away almost over night. No idea what changed, other than I had some pond snail eggs hitch-hike on the hornwort into my tank. I took them out, but seems the frogbit are still melting. I have read they prefer higher nitrates in the water, so I have went back to a bi-weekly water change. No idea what else could've caused it.
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