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Need a DIY Co2 that can hook up to a timer?

I want to do a diy co2 for my 10 gallon but my problem is that im not home when my lights come on to turn on the co2.

I work from 7am to 3pm. So i have my lights on a timer to come on from 12pm to 8pm. That way i can actually enjoy my tank when i get home.

So i need some way to get my c02 to come on on its own. Anyone know of some good threads?

I've read that with a 10 gallon i wouldn't have to worry about turning it off because the c02 level would be pretty low? And ive also read that some people use an air stone when lights out to add oxygen with the c02 left on. But wouldnt i have fluctuating pH levels doing that.
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