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New LFS in Casper - L&C Pets and Gifts

Hey guys, if anyone in the Casper area is still reading this forum, there is a new pet store that opened up this summer in the area.

It's L&C Pets and Gifts located at 4450 East Yellowstone Highway, Evansville. You can see some photos of their store on their facebook page at

My wife and I stopped in a couple weeks ago. It's a small shop and they only have about 10 tanks set up, plus betta cups, but I was really impressed while overhearing the owner, Lisa, talking to another customer about bettas. She knows her stuff and gave the lady good advice, especially on the size of the tank for bettas.

I got to talk to her for a while and found out she worked for years in an LFS in a bigger city, so she has a good background in fishkeeping. Also, she has plans to eventually knock out a wall in her store and put in a much larger fishroom to accomodate more tanks. She says that despite the few tanks they have, she can order in anything that you might want, so she beats out Petco there. She also is willing to see about trades too, either fish or plants. She is fairly well stocked on fish foods, ferts, medications and other supplies and the prices seemed like they would be competitive with Petco.

So, just wanted to get the word out there about her store. It would be nice to have a decent local pet store in the area, so support her if you can. Maybe we can get her to the point she can expand out her fishroom and make it really nice!
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