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Day 1: Substrate

And it's begun! I had my first talk with the kids today. It's been five years since I last taught a class but I got up and talked about DIRT for 10 minutes. The kids were able to explore particle size, porosity, bacteria, plant feeding, hiding places for small critters. They helped to mix MTS with lava rock, and then proceeded to add it all to the tank. I guided them a tiny bit on aquascaping but dang, they did fine by themselves.

Many many many thanks to the people who donated substrate and driftwoods to this project. The class had a blast and are very excited to see how their tank will progress. Thanks a million to Heartnet, Joraan and msjinkzd. I didn't get a picture of the original bucket and substrate from msjinkzd but here it is in the tank:
(that's me in the background, tying someone's shoe lace *waves)

I didn't get as many pictures as I would have liked because we needed all hands on deck, lol. There were some mixing mishaps and hands were pretty dirty, overall very was a ton of fun...for them!

They did most of the scaping, chose where to pour the gravel and river stones. It's like they are already experts. I have hills, cliffs, depth, drama.... I love the 5-yr old aesthetic.
Look at how lovely that is? That's the front view.

Here's the final. Needless to say, they, and I, really loved the way it turned out.

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