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If there was a school that gave me a PhD in Dogs, I would go. No, I worked as an understudy for a kennel breeder in my area. I know all about dog psychology, I've read many books.

I know everything that you just told me, (The debunking of dog pack dominance is actually controversial in the field as it is NOT CONFIRMED OR ACCEPTED BY ALL PROFESSIONAL LEVEL BREEDERS/DOG TRAINERS) but again, you are missing the freaking point of my posts. We're not here to talk about dogs and how dogs think, behave, and learn. Because I know for a fact that given long enough discussing, or even if you watched me in action, you would agree that what I'm doing is in no way abusive or inhumane. To an outsider with no experience, of course it sounds inhumane when you imagine it in your head, but that's all it is. You simply not knowing what you're talking about.

Back to the point. We're talking about the degrees of "humane" and how the meaning of such a loosely defined word can change from individual to individual, be them animal or man.

I projected a question for you to answer, what defines humane? What makes it so it's okay to clove oil a fish, but not to freeze it, or not to hammer.

Is it nothing more than a simple measure of pain?
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