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Originally Posted by AVN View Post
Please enlighten me about my career that I spent years training and studying for.

Really, I'd like to hear about the methods you think I use, methods that I should use, and methods that you THINK your local dog trainer uses.

I never said that I only used negative reinforcement as a training tool-don't put words into my mouth. I only said that humane is in the eye of the beholder, and that humane treatment of animals for someone else can be loosely defined
You went to school for dog behaviour? I'm sure than you are familiar with operant conditioning and the affects that positive and negative reinforcers have on behaviour and the psyche. Science has shown that dogs have similar emotional centres in their brains and can in fact experience fear and anxiety. Using negative reinforcement esp physical pain can cause unneeded anxiety on dogs. It can also cause learned helplessness and ptsd. I don't agree with most local trainers, unfortunately the industry is unregulated and anyone can call themselves a trainer. Instead I rely on information from those who have actual phds in canine and animal behaviour for information on what is the best way to train and teach.

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