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Please enlighten me about my career that I spent years training and studying for. Not to mention I now have years of experience working with professional trainers.

First off, 30 years out of date? Did the dogs evolve to no longer recognize the chain of dominance in those 30 years? You realize no matter how many years go by, dogs will always live and respond to a pack hierarchy right?
It's their instinct and natural way of life, it's how their society is structured.

Now, I'd like to hear about the methods you think I use, methods that I should use (the "more humane and less ignorant" ones), and methods that you THINK your local dog trainer uses that are humane.

Hitting an animal is abuse plain and simple, why use pain and fear to train when you can use much better ways?
This statement shows me you've never trained an animal unwilling to obey before.

I never said that I only used negative reinforcement as a training tool. I don't beat my dogs when I want them to listen to me, I don't instill in them a fear of my fist. I only punish them in a manner that I deem is aggressive enough to for them to respond submissively to, nothing further. I am not a dog-beating maniac, I am their master.

I only said that humane is in the eye of the beholder, and that humane treatment of animals for someone else can be different than what you believe it to be.

IE: You think me slapping my pack's snouts or behinds when they're extremely disobedient is inhumane. Yet to the dog they really don't care, they only know it as punishment for disobedience. You say it's pain, abuse, that is teaches them fear. Yet when I raise my hand to strike them, they do not flinch. Do you know why? Because they are not fearful, they do not feel abused or frightened of what is coming to them.

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