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Originally Posted by AVN View Post
That's a really bad question to ask me. I breed and train aggressive hunting dogs for a living and I have to hit them all the time. Sometimes they just refuse to listen, and choose to fight for pack dominance. Sometimes I wish I could toss a couple of them in the freezer. >__>

You gotta be inhumane, you gotta lay the smack down, whistle their ears off, wet them, or you shock them with collars. Whichever tells your dog that you're the dominant one.

I deal with this "humane" bullshizzzz all the time, especially when someone who is uneducated and uninformed about the dog training field tells me that the way I treat my pack is inhumane. No fuqqing shizzznazz, they're not humans, they don't understand as we do. You can't reason with an animal, hell, you can barely even tell them what to do at times.

Don't get me wrong, I am not advocating for the inhumane treatment of animals. I do love my animals, but not to the point where I care about the way they feel as they die. There's a point where they become "just fish." If given the choice, of course any sensible person would choose to end their pet's life painlessly, I am no different, but that doesn't mean that every single animal alive warrants the same treatment. Who is to say that it is wrong to kill your fish with a hammer? Or to freeze it?

Whether clove oil, hammertime, or just tossing it in the freezer. It's just another animal that you are putting down. It's all about morality and perspective, to each their own.
Um you do realise that the dominance/pack leader dog training theory is 30 years out of date and there are much more humane ways to train dogs? Hitting an animal is abuse plain and simple, why use pain and fear to train when you can use much better ways?

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