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Originally Posted by ModusVivendi View Post
I've had a few jumpers as well and only recently discovered a cover was made for it by Fluval, but decided not to go with it because it would not allow room for the light and inflow/outflow. I'm considering having some acrylic cut for it. I have definitely not had any shrimp climb out though...I find that a little odd.

I'll keep you updated on the performance of the filter and light on this tank. The ZooMed 501 so far seems excellent, although my version didnt come with the hook to hang it on the side of the tank like I have seen in some others' setups. I found mine in the terrarium section though, so that may be why.

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The zoo med 501 is actually a turtle filter which is why it was probably in the terrarium section. I'm not sure if they're supposed to come with the hob attachment but I bought mine used from a member on another forum and it came with it. I'm running a very similar setup as yours minus the plants and sand.

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