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Okay, you've convinced me. Took Eco-Complete and set it next to the soil/sand combo, and compared the pros and cons, included your points, and the soil/sand combo won. Pricing the supplies at Lowe's today sealed the deal ^^.
As for sand, how dangerous would using simple tube sand at the hardware store be? Should I test a bit first?

Will they be T8 or T5NO bulbs? For the wpg rule only applies to T8 bulbs.
Um, it is a little Compact fluorescent, the base of the bulb reads "2110AQ Self-Ballasted Lamp / 120V 60Hz 10W 180mA 600Lumens (1112)" if that helps? I wish I'd known about the limitations of the wattage rule, but this is why I made this journal :]

Boiled my driftwood, and I've decided that I'm going to have to attach it to some slate. Got it sitting in my ten gallon right now, hoping that it'll be waterlogged by the time I set everything up, but it definitely sitting at the top of the tank, with maybe 5% above water.

Because of the soil/sand combo, prolly adding Malaysian Trumpet Snails to my list (but only a few).

I have fully decided to include my Banana Plant in the tank, behind where the driftwood will be so the leafy pads emerge from behind it. It has decided to send some pads straight to the top recently, which looks absolutely awesome :]

Also looking for another Background plant to add to the tank, something brushy that the D. Dario will be able to hide in properly. What do you think would be good? Will the Hornwort and Creeping Jenny be enough back there?

Current Plan OVERALL (let me know if anything below is unreasonable)
1. Get Paid
i. Oct. 22
2. Buy
a. Substrate (+MTSnails): $10-$20
b. Plants: $20(ish)
c. Ammonia: $2
d. Test Kit: $20
e. Tweezers: $13
f. Ferts: $15(?)
Total: $80-$100(ish)
3. Set up Tank
i. BY: November 5th
4. Cycle Tank
i. FIN. BY: December 10th (AT THE LATEST)
5. Get KT (Male Betta) into the tank after it is cycled.
6. When it is fully stable, and the plants have filled in, purchase D. Dario.
i. BY: January 24th
7. Sometime after this, purchase Hara Jerdoni
i. BY: February 24th
I'll have some pics of the proposed driftwood and the tank I will be using up around Friday probably. It should help, since the light and several of the plants I'm planning to use are already in the tank, it just isn't what I consider "properly planted."

"Less bad" does not equal "good".
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