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Originally Posted by flutterbug View Post
I like it! I was wondering if the stock LEDs were enough for plants on those when I see them at LFS. That is a cool piece of wood you found. I'd like an update on if you found your shrimp, I've been thinking of putting a Beta in my daughter's 5 gallon but I recently put a Fire Shrimp in there. There is moss and wood in there, but it is tiny, not sure how big your Ghost is..
I did a thorough search for my ghost shrimp but could not find him.

Male bettas, in my experience, do not get along well with any shrimp, but the females seem to get along swimmingly with ghost shrimp. I've kept a group of ghost shrimp alive for almost a year in this tanks previous setup. The stock filter though doesnt allow them to reproduce though.

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